A Year in Reflection

A Year in Reflection

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The past two years have been full of twists and turns, ups, and downs. It’s been a year of unprecedented events from the Taal Volcano’s eruption to the pandemic and the subsequent world’s longest lockdown. What started as a vision is now fast becoming a reality. The degree of difficulty by which the firm has navigated amidst all these monumental challenges is undisputable. However, it has also been a testament to our resilience, adaptability, and boundless capacity for growth. Abo and Penaranda Law demonstrated not only our ability to adapt but also to thrive amidst adversity.


It is truly a wonder how a firm can achieve so much in a short span of time. As a firm in the central business district in the Philippines (BGC), we are growing at an exponential rate. We exited December 2019 in a humble 52sqm. office with six employees. A year later, we are a team of twenty wholly committed to working alongside each other in a magnificent 150sqm. office on the 17th Floor.

No firm has ever achieved such feat in so short a time. No one dared to do what we have done because no one believed it was possible. And yet, here we are. We may only be at the beginning of our journey but through dedication and hard work, our Firm have already been elevated to a status of significance.

It is no small feat to double in employee size and triple in floor plan within less than a year; still Abo and Penaranda Law aims to continue scaling greater heights. We intend to employ more associates and paralegals in the next coming months to prepare for a bigger intake of clients and contentious cases in 2021. Additionally, we have a vision to extend the office to bear more rooms for our future lawyers and client meetings. As a young Firm anchored on the iron will of our Managing Partner, we have barely scratched the surface of our potential.


Abo and Penaranda Law are thrilled to be recognized and awarded for our successes this year. In August, APAC Insider announced the winners of the South East Asia Business Awards 2020. We are honored to be the winners of the following categories:

Best Multidisciplinary Law Firm 2020 – Philippines

Corporate Lawyer of the Year (Philippines) – Atty. Marvi Abo

Furthermore, we were strong contenders in the Asia Legal Business Awards 2020. We are finalists for the following awards:

Rising Law Firm of the Year

Young Lawyer of the Year – Atty. Marvi Abo

These awards and recognitions serve as a fitting testament to the adage that “hard work really pays off”. Firms have taken years just for the honor of being nominated but it took us a mere 24 months to win the coveted awards. Thus, Abo and Penaranda Law is on track in becoming a formidable Firm in the legal field.

To further accelerate our growth, we look forward to joining the Legal 500 – Asia Pacific and the Philippines Top 100 Lawyers in the next two years. Abo and Penaranda Law also aims to penetrate global borders and offer our legal services to more businesses abroad who are willing to invest in the Philippines. Hence, we expect promising developments in our international clients and cross border cases. Christopher Reeve once said that

“so many of our dreams at first seem impossible, then they seem improbable and then when we summon our will, they soon become inevitable.” Abo and Penaranda Law continues to push the boundaries of its limitations. There is nothing that one cannot achieve when you put your heart and soul into it.

Christopher Reeve

Above all, the collaboration between team members to solve their clients’ problems to their satisfaction and ease will always be the ultimate goal of Abo and Penaranda Law, one that we have accomplished time and time again. The resilient character of the Firm and its visionary approach is deeply embedded in the Managing Partner’s philosophy:

“What we lack in resources we more than makeup for it in resourcefulness. While the rest of the world is reeling from the catastrophic effects of the pandemic, our team is working night and day to reach that date with destiny. A fitting testament to our resolve that no matter how bad a situation is, there is not enough reason in the world that can prevent us from being one of the top firms in the Philippines.”

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